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The Purveyor's

Our good friend Roy Kimura was so kind to put together this video for us. Definitely tells our story better than we could ourselves.

The Concept

A simple place to enjoy family, friends, food and drink. Wagaya, literally means “Our Home” and we want our spot to be as comfortable as your own home. We are keiki friendly with plastic cups, bowls and highchairs and friendly, familiar faces.

We like to use organic and locally sourced products whenever possible. We grind pork in-house for our fresh gyoza made daily and make our sauces and dishes in-house in small batches (so we do run out of things sometimes – apologies in advance!)

The Soup

Our specialty tonkotsu ramen is made from organic chicken and kurobuta pork bones. The soup simmers in different stages for two days and is carefully combined each morning and afternoon to create a delicate balance between umami, sweet, salty, and rich.

Our lighter shoyu broth is made with a gentle blend of fish, chicken and konbu dashi.

We also have a vegetarian broth that is light but also given richness and complexity with sesame and miso.

While our flavors can be enjoyed as is we encourage you to customize your bowl exactly how you like it. We have various toppings available as well as customization options.

Dietary Concerns

Vegetarian: We have several appetizers and ramen options available. They are marked with a v on the online menu. While many of our menu items are vegan-friendly, please inform us of your preference as we may need to make modifications.

Nut Allergies: We do not use any peanut products. We do carry macadamia nuts that we use solely for a dessert that is not prepared in other cooking areas.

Shellfish Allergies: We currently do not use any shellfish.

Gluten: We currently have sweet potato starch noodles (similar to long rice) available as a low carb ramen noodle replacement. Not all ingredients used to make the broth are certified gluten-free. We do have a handful of appetizers that can be adjusted to be gluten-free: edamame, shio cabbage, beef tongue, potato mochi, agedashi tofu.

Contact Us

The Location

We are located on the left hand side of S King St right after McCully St. About a 10 minute drive from Waikiki (head up McCully and turn right on S King). We are deep in the strip mall shared with Mama Woo’s  (across from the 76 and McDonald’s). Hard to spot from the road so drive slow!

We have 9 parking spots reserved especially for our restaurant (clearly labeled Wagaya) right out front as well as metered and non-metered street parking. If you are unsure of where you can park please come in so we can direct you.


We seat all guests first come, first serve. Generally, even with a wait, we are able to sit most guests within 10-15 minutes unless it is an especially busy time. We kindly request that all guests are present prior to seating. Feel free to call us for any other information and we will be happy to provide.
[stm_address stm_email_text=”” stm_phone_number=”(808)949-0670″]

2080 S King St
Honolulu, HI 96826[/stm_address]